Leather wallets manufacturers

Leather Wallets Manufacturers

Sai Inc. is a well-established company in the making of wallet manufacturing. Our company is one of the leading leather wallets manufacturers in India. We have years of experience and established as a leading brand. For us, our success depends on product quality & production capacity. This mantra helped us to make our name in leading leather wallets manufacturers in India. We are a Kolkata based company and providing leather wallets to domestic and foreign markets.

Leather and leather products have always fascinated mankind ever since the start of the civilization. We’ve always preferred to have leather accessories to define our personality in a grand way. Sai Inc. understands this point of view and therefore, presents very charming and exclusive leather made fashion accessories. Sai Inc. Is one of the Eastern region’s most reputed leather wallets manufacturers in India and we have our own tannery to process our own leather right from raw to the finishing stages out of hides.  Our expert technician and experienced workmen produce quality leather goods to our customer’s approval and satisfaction.

Leather Wallets are simply the best accessories for all those who prefer to possess things that are classy and comfortable. These specially crafted wallets exhibit characteristics such as distinctive natural patterns, temperature adaptation, and moisture resistance. We, Sai Inc., manufacture such high on quality and aesthetics Leather Gents Wallets and bags. Our capability to offer the best makes us a distinguished leather Wallets manufacturers in India.  Sai Inc. is catering to numerous leading leather product buyers across the globe.  Our product ranges from high-end fashionable ladies handbags to wallets, leather carry items and all small leather goods.


Sai Inc. is one of the leading leather wallets manufacturers in India producing leather wallets at par with the top line international standards using traditional skills of the workers as well as with the support of trained engineers. We are able to provide damage-free products to the clients as we ensure complete safety during packaging. With the assistance of our capacious warehouse, we are able to meet the bulk as well as urgent requirements of the buyers because our unit is supervised by the experts ensuring complete safety of the lot.

Our Facilities

India is a developing nation but it is one leader in leather product manufacturing. There are thousands of leather wallets manufacturers in India so why you would choose us? Sai Inc. is one of the few companies who can take control of all process in the manufacturing of leather wallets. We have a state of the art factory & skilled laborers are the backbone of it. Our workers check our raw materials to search out any faulty. Quality metal, brass piece, and buttons ensure a long-life and terrific feel to our leather wallets. We make sure parts are well checked before assembled with leather products. Now you can understand why we are one of the leading leather wallets manufacturers in India.

Leather Wallets Manufacturers in India


Sai Inc. has wide ranges of leather products starting from leather bags to leather wallets, you say it and we have it. We make sure that our leather wallets are standardized for our customer’s region, therefore, Sai Inc ensures that our client’s requirements being fulfilled before we start production of wallets so that Sample approved by our client goes into production only. We make sure that in terms of quality every product speaks for them so that our client get most of the market share. Employees do extra care for overseas shipments as they need more protective packaging. Sai Inc. has years of experience which helps us to serve big clients & shipments and You will be happy to work with one of the leading leather wallets manufacturers in India.

Leather Wallets Manufacturers in India