leather bags exporters

Leather bags exporters

Sai Inc. belongs to one of the leading company who is a well-known name in leather bags exporters in India. Our company is based in Kolkata which is one of the biggest hubs for leather bags exporters in India. From the start of our company, we have given emphasis on quality and craftsmanship. Our success depends on product quality as well as our production capability. This clear way of thinking has immensely helped us to make our name in leading leather bags exporters in India. We doing this business for years and serving quality leather bags to foreign markets proudly.


As a leading leather bags exporters in India offers an unparalleled blend of quality, consistency, responsiveness, and innovation. Through the years, we have cultivated our experience to offer dynamic lines of leather products. Be it leather handbags,  backpacks, executive bags, laptop bags, satchel bags or shoulder bags, our dedicated professionals are employed round the clock to render top of the line quality to meet international standards.

Moreover, to retain the fame of being a leading leather bags exporters in India and to make our products as per the international quality standards, we have appointed skilled quality controllers who keep vigilance on the whole production process. Furthermore, to deliver flawless products, they stringently check the final product on some well-defined parameters. We export Canada, Europe (Germany, Denmark, Sweden, France, Spain, Poland, Ireland) UK, Australia. that all our export country.

Our Leather Bags

We are one of the few companies who can take control of all process in leather bag manufacturing. Our company is boosted with a state of the art factory & skilled laborers are the backbone of it. We do regular checkups our raw materials to shun out defective hides. Our Skilled labors are the main pillar of the leather industry. High-quality metal & brass fittings to ensure a long-life and a terrific feel to our leather bags. You can trust us as we are one of the leading leather bags exporters in India.

Leather bags exporters in india


 Specialized  Products

Sai In. has wide ranges of leather bags. we tend to additionally check that that our leather bags square measure standardized for our customers’ region. Sample bags approved by our client goes into production only.  Our skilled labors make sure that in terms of quality every leather bag speaks for them so that our client get the most value from it. Skilled workers of our company take extra care for overseas shipments of leather bags as they need more protective packaging. Our years of experience help us to serve big clients & shipments. We can assure you that you will be happy to work with one of the leading leather bags exporters in India

leather bags exporters in India