Leather bags exporters in india

Leather bags exporters in india

Leather products is an essential part of our life, be it in our daily life or in as a style statement.Good design lives in the details, obsessing over everything from custom-made clay to making tanner goods. We are always searching for the finishing touches that make our goods the best they can be. There are hundreds of companies who make the leather products in India, but few of them belong to the category as ours. Because there are different reasons for it as you know more about our company you will realize it.


We believe in being artisanal at our atelier our products are all handcrafted using leathers that come from tanneries. Brass buckles that are exclusively sand cast and polished painstakingly by hand at our own brass forge. Our craftsmen still note every stitch ending by hand, and our cutters still cut leather with finely pointed knives. Precision is a skill that takes at least two years to master. With an average work experience in the design of over 5 years, we have one of the most skilled teams of craftsmen in the leather products in India.As for leather products, we are a name to reckon with.


We are the best Leather goods manufacturers in Kolkata that is why we always maintained our quality.The leather is one of the most widely traded commodities globally and also in India.Growth in demand for leather
is driven by the fashion industry, especially footwear, furniture and interior design industries. The automotive industry also demands Custom leather goods in India. The leather industry has a place of prominence in the Indian economy due to its substantial export earnings and growth. SAI Inc. is a reputed exporter and manufacturer of leather products based in India;
Kolkata. Our company is in this business for years and has been catering to numerous leading leather product Suppliers across the globe.

Leather products in india
Genuine leather goods manufactures in India
Custom leather goods


Sai Inc. supplies laptop bags, leather wallet, leather bags, genuine leather goods, Custom leather goods in both domestic and global market. Our product ranges from high-end fashionable handbags, wallets to laptop bags etc. We are one of the most reputed leather goods exporters in Kolkata.We are renowned as a custom leather goods manufacturer in India who is also renowned as top laptop bags exporters in India. A team of dedicated professionals is employed round the clock to render top of the line quality leathers to meet international standards. As a manufacturing company, we constantly upgrade ourselves to match the latest developments in the global leather industry and among the leather products manufacturers in India.


Raw leathers of premium quality bought from reliable and renowned suppliers. These finest qualities of materials are used in the manufacturing process to ensure international standards & quality in our Custom leather goods and genuine leather goods in India. We checked each product before being available to the clients Thorough and careful processing of leather is of utmost importance in determining the leather quality.We at our manufacturing unit use finely processed leather to that possibility.

custom leather goods
Leather factory in India
Leather bags exporters in india


Our Indian leather industry accounts for around 12.93 percent of the world’s leather production of hides. India ranks second in terms of footwear and leather garments production in the world it accounts for 9.57 percent of the world’s footwear production. Leather products in India have grown dramatically, transforming from a mere raw material supplier to a value-added product exporter. It houses state-of-the-art infrastructural facilities comprising of modern manufacturing machines. Our sleeted tool ensures cost-effectiveness and fast production procedures. Our machines are maintained timely to keep them in proper working conditions to ensure a smooth production process and to be the best Leather products manufacturers in India. All departments in our manufacturing units work in close coordination to offer the best solutions and products to clients while ensuring client satisfaction. We always maintain a large inventory of leathers to cater bulk demands within the scheduled time frames.


The understated style and vibe retro feel on these categories make them perfect for any lifestyle both young and old. With a new collection of high-quality men’s and women’s leather goods, Sai Inc. accessories are sure to become your contact companion. Our wallets, bags, passport covers, and briefcases will soon become your tools of the trade, your go-to favorites for work, travel, play, and relaxation. Drop-dead gorgeous leathers, on-trend styling with a timeless, refined style. We people in Sai Inc. know what life all about is and embraces it! You can see our product section to see some of our products but to know more you have to contact us.Sai Inc is the only
leather bags exporters in India who can produce a huge collection of leather bags, wallets, laptop bags etc with its experienced team and also a
good Leather products suppliers in India.


As a Leather products suppliers in India, therefore we do fulfill wishes for our customers. There are various ranges of products which are very different from each other depending on their cost. As per buyer need, we alter size and quality of the product so that it can fit the exact requirements. Laptop bags, leather bags, and leather wallets are one of the most shout products. Our leather laptop bags are tech-friendly & with finest Brass fittings mark the characteristics of these state-of-the-art leather pieces.

In Sai Inc., we make normal leather laptop bags, leather wallets and any kind of leather bags attractive with help of our experienced staffs this will give you an extra selling point. As we are the Leather wallets manufacturers in India as you know it differs with the region and depends on choices of people of that area. So we are providing our customers a helping hand, our designer will work for them take their instruction to create sample product for themselves. It will immensely help to create a perfect product for the buyers.


As for leather products, we do not make any compromises on raw materials, while leather quality is maintained as customer satisfaction. All our all-natural leather bags come with strongest Metal & Brass Fittings to ensure a long-life and a terrific feel. We have complete hold of those metal rings buttons belts etc. They are one of the finest parts from manufacturers for these parts.

We have much-experienced labors who are working for us many years and they have huge experience to make huge shipments. Mass producing is
a very difficult job because not only a leather goods manufacturing company has to make a huge number of leather goods but also need to take
care of quality. In this field, we have years of experience to deliver mass shipments, therefore, our customers will face no problem whatsoever


We are the name of genuine leather goods manufacturers in India and we sell the goods on wholesale. There are many traders who like to do business on good deals furthermore sell them in for profit margins. We have a huge array of products to choose from and to keep our leather products in a mass quantity which help traders to find leather products. For leather wallet for men, handmade leather in all colors. Bifold, Trifold, Coin Purse & Credit Card Holders. You will get the finest quality leather product at pocket-friendly prices. As for female wallets we have Feminine, Stylish & Contemporary choicest handcrafted pieces for accentuating their personality.

The good thing is that we surround ourselves with incredibly talented, driven creativity which help us to bring our products to life.
This creativity reverberates internally, building in amplitude and challenging help us to do more. It also allows our own personal potential
to flourish and provide leather products in India. This is what ultimately leads to a customer’s satisfaction.

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