Custom leather goods

Custom Leather Goods

Our company is one of the leading custom leather goods manufacturers in India. Creativity is an art and In Sai Inc., we give special care to our gifted skilled labors because they are responsible for our groundbreaking success in leather good manufacturing. We have given emphasis on craftsmanship and quality. Custom build is very difficult to implement because it needs more attention than mass production. Our sincere steps have immensely helped us to make our name in custom leather goods manufacturers in India. Sai Inc. based in Kolkata and serving custom leather goods to domestic & foreign markets.

Sai Inc. is a Kolkata based custom leather goods manufacturer. Our experience as leather craftspeople is extensive and varied. With our specialized set of skills and equipment, we’ve designed and built many different types of custom leather goods, including unisex bags, backpacks, briefcase, wallets, decorative items, office supplies, giftware, corporate branded items, and much more. Our expert leather craftsmen have been proudly producing fine leather briefcases and backpacks for over 20 years.

All our products are made in our factory in Kolkata, using full grain leather hides, solid brass hardware. We will Provide the guarantee for our products. Custom Leather Goods products are totally praised by all our customers and end users as their quality and designs both are up to their expectation. Besides, as we keep complete business transparency with our customers and provide them with flexible payment options we are preferred more over others. The company’s quality management procedures are in accordance with international quality management procedures. The company believes in the theory of ‘Just-In-Time ‘ and strives for continuous improvement in its procedures.  Our Product development and R&D continuously strives to come out with niche products for our customers in various markets keeping in mind their needs for custom leather goods.

Our Craftsmanship

India is a huge county and one of the leading countries for leather product manufacturers. Many thousands of custom leather goods manufacturer present in India, then why Sai Inc.? Because only a few companies can take control of all process in the manufacturing of leather goods. We have state of the art factory & skilled laborers are the backbone of it. Not only that double check our raw materials so that any defective hide to sort out quickly.


Skilled labors are one of the main pillars of leather goods manufacturing our company is blessed with them. Quality metal & brass fittings ensure a long-life and terrific feel to our leather products. We checked metal parts before assembled with leather products. Hope you can understand why we are one of the custom leather goods manufacturers in India.

Custom Leather Goods

Business Policy

Sai Inc. has wide ranges of leather goods. We make sure that our products standardized for our customers’ region as their preferable choices. Our designers fulfilled our clients’ requirements. Sample approved by our client goes in for production.  Our labors make sure that in terms of quality every product speaks for them so that our client get most out of it.

We take care of overseas shipments as they need more protective packaging for better sustainability. Our years of experience in custom leather goods manufacturing helps us to serve big clients & shipments. You will be happy to work with one of the leading custom leather goods manufacturers in India